From top to bottom and beyond



There's a reason everyone refers to a home as a "Roof over your head",  It being the most important part of your home we take no shortcuts inspecting your roof and walk every roof possible to get a close look at every component and look for any defects.



There is no better place to see any defects from the internal components of a home than in an attic, with years of experience in tight places and walking rafters I will complete a full attic inspection and not just look from the access hole with a flashlight.



With this being a critical point of your home and demand for more and more electrical components in every home, we again take no shortcuts and remove panels to inspect the inside, use thermal imaging technology, and don't just stop at checking one plug/room as required by our standards but go above and beyond and inspect every accessible component.



Plumbing can be a very simple thing but if not operating properly can cost a lot in damages if it does fail.  We run all faucets and test all water heaters checking for manufacturer dates and any recalls.



Your new home won't feel very homey if its not at a comfortable temperature.  We operate all normal operating controls and test temperature differential to ensure your home will be comfortable on those hot Alabama days or cold nights.

Crawl Space


Crawl spaces can get very nasty but that's one of the many reasons to hire me as a home inspector, I don't mind getting a little dirty and crawl into those tight areas to find any defects rather than just looking from the entrance.  I also carry special coveralls to remove all the dirt so I don't track it into your new home.

Our Services

Full Home Inspections


I pride myself in being very thorough and very descriptive with all of my inspections.  Communication is of utmost importance because I want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about your new home.

Modern Technology


I use all of the modern technology to help me be more thorough throughout your home inspection including thermal imaging to find leaks or overheating circuits.

Radon Testing


Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is found in all homes across the world and is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  For more information visit our Radon page HERE.